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I can help your business communicate in this media-centric world. Whether it's a web presence that inspires confidence in your organization or advertising that brings in a new audience, your media needs to make the right impression.

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Example Work

  • Web | EverydayCC.com

    Web | EverydayCC.com

    Website for Everyday Christian Church in New York City. Visit EverydayCC.com

  • Photo | Nature

    Photo | Nature

    Fall foliage in local park.

  • Web | MountainCS.org

    Web | MountainCS.org

    Website for Mountain Christian School in Joppa, Maryland.

  • Photo | Studio Portrait

    Photo | Studio Portrait

    Couples portrait in studio.

  • Photo | Architecture

    Photo | Architecture

    The Experience Music Project building in downtown Seattle, WA.

  • Photo | Documentary

    Photo | Documentary

    Girl on swing in the Methare slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

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I love powerful imagery AND techie hardware and software systems.